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1. Am I a group member in the Toyota or Subaru class action?

The Notice sets out the criteria for group membership. If you have further queries, please contact Quinn Emanuel at: [email protected] 

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2. Can Clarety provide further information about the Toyota or Subaru class actions or my claim?

No. Information about the class actions is set out in the Notice. You should read that Notice carefully. You can also find more information about the class action by going to the NSW Supreme Court website at this link or contact the Plaintiff’s solicitors, Quinn Emanuel.

Clarety cannot provide you with any information or legal advice about your claim.

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3. I want to complete the questionnaire. How do I do so?

If you would like to submit the questionnaire, you may do so by:

  • completing the questionnaire online at the ‘Toyota / Subaru Australia re Takata Class Action Questionnaire’ at; or
  • printing or downloading a PDF copy of the questionnaire available at and emailing it to [email protected]; or
  • printing or downloading a PDF copy of the Questionnaire and posting it to Netstrategies Pty Ltd t/as Clarety Solutions, GPO Box 2566, Sydney NSW 2001.

Completing the questionnaire is voluntary and closes on 30 November 2020. If you submit your claim information after this deadline, the parties may not be able to use your information at the mediation.

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4. What information do I need to provide to complete the questionnaire?

In order to complete the questionnaire, you will need to provide information identifying your vehicle, including the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or registration number. The VIN can be found in a few places including on the car's registration label, on the build plate in the engine bay or on the passenger side windshield and door jamb. It also appears on registration and insurance documents.

The questionnaire also asks you to provide details about the purchase or lease of your vehicle and the replacement of the Takata airbag in your vehicle.

You are also asked to provide information about any loss you have incurred as a result of your car being fitted with a Takata airbag/s.

If you are completing the questionnaire online, you can ‘save’ your questionnaire and return to complete it at a later date if you need to (see question 10 below).

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5. Who is Clarety? Why are they collecting this information?

Clarety is an online platform service provider. Pursuant to a questionnaire process approved by the NSW Supreme Court, Clarety is the third party service provider tasked with managing the online questionnaire platform and is responsible for processing answers to the questionnaire and providing that information to the parties.

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6. Where does my information go once I have completed the questionnaire?

The information you provide will be given to the parties to the Toyota Class Action (if you are a group member in the Toyota Class Action) or the Subaru Class Action (if you are a group member in the Subaru Class Action) in the following manner:

  • the solicitors for Toyota and Subaru will receive all information you provide, including your contact details; and
  • the solicitors for the Plaintiff will receive a de-identified copy of the information you provide (that is, information without your name, email address, postal address or telephonic details).

Otherwise, Clarety is obliged to keep your information entirely confidential and is not permitted to provide it to any third party. Clarety will destroy the data that you have provided after the proceedings have finally concluded and any compensation has been completely distributed. Subject to any order of the Court to the contrary, the parties are also obliged to only use your information in the proceedings, and are not permitted to provide your information to any third party. Subaru or Toyota may contact you if your answers to the questionnaire indicate that your vehicle has yet to have the airbag/s replaced according to the requirements of the recall.

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7. I cannot download the PDF questionnaire. What should I do?

It is not necessary to download the PDF – you may complete the questionnaire online.

However, if you would prefer to download a copy of the questionnaire, and are having issues doing so, please email [email protected] and a PDF copy of the questionnaire will be sent to you.

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8. I am having problems submitting my questionnaire on the website. What should I do?

Please download the PDF questionnaire and email or post it to the address on the questionnaire or call 1300 476 493 for technical assistance.

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9. Can't find my VIN?

If you cannot locate your VIN click here to proceed to provide the details of your claim without your VIN.

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10. Will I be contacted if there is a mistake on my questionnaire?

You will be contacted by Clarety if the information you provided is illegible or incomplete, so that Clarety can clarify your answers.

Clarety will contact you through the contact details provided on the questionnaire.

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11. Can I start the questionnaire and return to complete and submit it at a later date?

You may return to complete the online questionnaire on the website using the username and password you provided when you started the questionnaire.

The website will become inactive after 30 November 2020. You will not be able to return to complete and submit your incomplete questionnaire after this date.  This is because the parties need time to review and consider any information provided by group members before attending the court-ordered mediation. If you would like to provide your details online, please make sure you complete the online questionnaire before this time.

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12. What if I want to change an answer on my questionnaire or update my contact details?

If you need to change an answer on your questionnaire, you can access it using your username and password before the 30 November 2020 deadline.

You will not be able to change your questionnaire after this date.

If you have sent Clarety your questionnaire by email or post, and you need to change an answer, you may do so by resubmitting your questionnaire. Please note on that version that you have already submitted a prior questionnaire, and the new questionnaire supersedes it.

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13. I have forgotten my password

You can reset your password here and enter your login email address. Once you have done this, you will receive an email to your login email address that contains a temporary password, which you can use to log-in.

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14. Will I receive confirmation once my questionnaire is submitted?

Yes. Clarety will send you a confirmation email after your questionnaire is submitted.

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